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Renter, tenant services include the following: (1) a listing of all our furnished properties in Miami and access to the CHBO database where filtering by property type, number of bedrooms and rental range for Miami can be accomplished.(2) The ability to connect with property owners by phone, email and text..
For landlords looking to offer their properties as Furnished Housing in Miami we offer (1) The ability to market and advertise your property to thousands of individuals in search for these accommodations (2) Access to various tools, forms, resources and advice to help you become a successful, do-it-yourself landlord (We Serve:
Corporate Travelers - Need temporary furnished housing? You’ll find an excellent choice of lodging options that are comfortable, compatible with an extended stay with a residential as opposed to a hotel or institutional-like extended-stay development
Short-term Housing –Find the  perfect solution while you're away from home, during a longer stay. Our owner/advertisers provide a unique selection of properties without the need of a long term lease. Found in residential settings these properties are more welcoming allowing the renter to avoid the more transitory feel of a commercial establishment.
Insurance Claim Housing - Displaced from your home for any insurance related issue do not fail to look into the services of Miami Furnished housing to find suitable temporary housing for your family. There may be a good possibility you can find a property near your current home so your family can function with a minimal of inconvenience.
Nurses and Medical Workers Housing - Find a temporary home that will be convenient to your work, economical, comfortable and safe with flexible lease periods.
Out of Your House During Construction – Find a property that can provide your family with accommodations that can help them forget the inconvenience occasioned by not being at home.